February 26th, 2009

Many Lives, Many Masters

We are immortal spirits. We come to earth again and again to learn. Death is an illusion. Our ultimate destiny- far, far down the line- is to return to the Source- which is Love.

That's what I believe. Pretty much. Actually I more than believe it. I'm pretty damn sure it's true.

Unlike other supernatural claims- that Jesus was born of a Virgin and rose from the dead, that the Koran was dictated to Mohammed by God himself- it's an theory that can be tested. 

As it has been by the guy who wrote the book I read yesterday-  Many Lives, Many Masters. He's called Weiss. He stumbled on his evidence whilst using hypnotherapy in an entirely mainstream hospital practice. He was taking a patient back to uncover the source of a deep psychological wound- and suddenly found she was telling him about a life in pre-classical Greece. After that one thing led to another. He could be lying,  but I don't think he is.

I'm the 20th person to have read this particular copy of Dr Weiss's book since October '06.  I know because it's a library book and it's got 20 stamps in it. It's had an interesting life. At one point it travelled to Blackpool and back on the Inter-Library loan scheme. It's well thumbed, and I'd guess- by the way the pages have acquired a Marcel Wave-  that someone- at some stage- read it in the bath.

But if there's such an appetite for what this book is saying- and lots of people are conversant with its thesis-  how come its ideas remain buried, hidden? How come you never hear them being discussed in the media? How come its not even honoured with attack?

Weiss has his own theory. The doctrine of reincarnation- widely believed across cultures in ancient times- has been suppressed because it sidelines the priestly hierarchies. If we make our own karma and all go back to God in the end, what exactly is the point of those keys that St Peter has dangling at his belt? 

The truth is ignored because it  isn't backed by the big religious corporations. It doesn't serve power.