February 6th, 2009

Snowdays Are Holidays

Snow is restful. At least it is if you don't have to go out in it. Think of the imagery we conventionally use.  It falls like feathers. It blankets the ground.  Mmmm.  All soft and warm and cosy. 

Well not warm exactly- but you know what I mean. It's a psycholgical effect.

I believe the snow is a reason why I didn't post here yesterday. Snow days are holidays.  

I did try. I tried to write something about Carol Thatcher and how she thought the tennis player looked like a golly. I hate it when white people get all tribal in the fug of the tribal cave and think they can get away with racist slurs because there are only other white folks listening. Were the BBC right to sack her? Yes, absolutely.

I'm reading nineweaving 's wintry fantasy Moonwise. I couldn't have chosen a book better suited to the weather. It demands that you read it slowly because it would be churlish not to sound every word in your head. This is absolutely not fantasy in the Harry Potter vein- which you can gobble down a hundred pages at a time. This you have to chew- to ruminate over. It's the toughest book I've read in a long time- and I like tough books. It's as tough as Virginia Woolf- actually tougher.

We had a light snowfall yesterday- which laid a layer of powder stuff over the crunchy stuff from two days before. Ailz has been listening to the weather forecast and says there's more to come this weekend.