January 3rd, 2009

Moving Things Round

Ailz is studying 20th century art this year. The course actually starts in March, but she's got most of the books and wants to establish a head start. And the first thing with Ailz is always to set up a working space.

Last year's working space no longer pleases her, so we spent yesterday afternoon creating a new one. She's now in with the rabbits. We've just got to hope they don't find a way of jumping up onto her desk and eating her homework.

She wanted a big desk- and the only big desk we have (it used to be my father's) is the one on which I've been displaying my model village. Well, we solved that by moving the village downstairs- and now it's spread out over the furniture alongside my computer- so I can play with it whenever I like.

Talking about modern art, I read an article  this morning which likens the boom in the art market to the boom in the market for tulips in 17th century Holland. Mad prices are being asked and paid for items whose intrinsic value is- ahem- questionable. The only difference is that the art market hasn't collapsed- yet.