January 1st, 2009

It Begins Again

And it seems only yesterday we were all worrying about the Millennium bug.

We don't usually stay up for the New Year but we did this time. We were watching a show about the 100 most annoying people of 2008. The winner- if that's the right word- beating the likes of Peaches Geldorf, Calum Best and Heather Mills McCartney- talentless nobodies with a link to a deservedly famous person- was a woman I'd never heard of called Agyness Deyn. She's a model. Apart from the name (which was constructed for her by a numerologist- apparently the two y's are really, really lucky) she seems entirely blameless. Ailz suggested women hate her for being beautiful.

There were drunks on the street in the small hours, venting and lamenting. They went on and on and on. Do drunks not feel the cold? 
My New year's resolution (no-one actually expects you to keep these things, do they?) is to take up painting again.