Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We have four big rainwater butts dotted about the property. I don't know how much they hold but it's a lot. I draw from them when I'm watering the garden. Three of them have now run dry- which brings home to me how little rain we've had this summer. I lifted the lid on one of them and there was several decades worth of muddy gloop at the bottom. I don't suppose they've been moved from their positions or swilled out since my father installed them. They're heavy; I'm not going to attempt it.

It's raining now. Well, just about. It's more like a dampness in the air. I was out in it, trimming the edge of a flowerbed- and hardly got wet. There's more on the way, we're told- maybe even some storms. I think it's what we need.

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