December 30th, 2008

Chuff-chuff-chuffing Along

On one or two occasions- always at a turning point in my life- I've had the feeling that a part of me has stepped aside and is observing things from a distance. Right now I have this image in my head where my life is a model railway layout and I'm bending over it, watching the train hurrying along, leaving the branch line for the main line- or the main line for the branch line, or whatever.

I feel happy and peaceful. Unconflicted. Also mildly amused.

I said yesterday that this new alleigance would probably last out my time- and it probably will, because I'm 58 next birthday- but not necessarily so. We can only know the truth in parts- a little at a time- because the whole of it is just too big for our brains. Anglican Christianity is the fragment I'm embracing now- at this particular point in the continuum- but where there's life there's change - and in ten years time, who knows?  

Noli Me Tangere

The risen Christ appears to Mary Magdalene on an 18th century gravestone in Hadlow churchyard. She has mistaken him for the gardener- unsuprising, really, given that he is carrying a spade.