December 15th, 2008

The Strange

Things get a bit weird about this time of the year- Christmassy. Talk about the veil being thin at Halloween, this is when it gets even thinner!  It's a time when we give up the pretense that life is all about going to work and making money and buying houses and stuff like that and lapse uneasily into quite a different frame of mind.

Gods, angels, elves, talking animals, an unusual star. 

We wrote our Christmas cards last night. It's a spiritual exercise. You sit down and review your life in terms of the people in it. I don't know about you, but my list contains a number of very odd folk- not odd in themselves but odd in the sense that my relationship with them has never been more than glancing or tangential- the relatives of a former in-law for example. It includes people I don't like and leaves out people I care about very much.

My attitude to Christmas changes from year to year. There have been years when I revelled in it- when it was my job to revel in it- and years when I angrily ignored it to the extent of getting out the ironing board. This year I'm feeling quite mellow- and happy to let it be.

Here it comes then, curling like smoke from a thurifer, crawling like bells, advancing like choristers.  Here comes the strange.