December 6th, 2008

Pills And A Puzzle And A Likeness

I've done as the doctor said and left off the arthrotec . Every time I take my pills (my cocktail of drugs) I extract the arthrotec pill from the pill box and put it on my desk. There are seven of them there now- big white pills- lying in a configuration a little like The Big Dipper. They look forlorn.

But I can't say I've missed them. The day before yesterday I went out front and chipped ice off the pavement with a garden spade and yesterday I spent several hours leaning over a jigsaw puzzle, so I've got a full complement of aches and pains, but I don't believe they're any worse than usual.

Jigsaws are wholly absorbing. Addictive, even. This latest one is a picture of a steam train. Ruth saw me through the window, bending over it, totally fixated- lit by a single angle-poise-  and said I looked like Scrooge.

Here Be Nazis

Of course the publication of the BNPs membership list is a hideous invasion of privacy and totally deplorable, but it's still kinda fun to find out where the nazis live. Or should that be scary? Anyway I was surfing through the "A"s just now and I found there's one living in the street behind me- close enough for me to hit her with a well-aimed snowball or tomato (if it wasn't for the houses in between).

She won't be the only one. A breakdown of the list says that between eleven and twenty of the little varmints share my post code.

I go on scrolling. Here's one- in the "H"s- on my very street.

This is what it must feel like to be a secret policeman- or the recording angel.

Which is why I shouldn't be doing it- and must stop.