November 21st, 2008

My First Photos

These are pictures I took with my very first camera- a Kodak Box Brownie. The year must be 1957 or 58. The grumpy tot is my sister Jenny. I remember our garden in Croydon as being enormous- but clearly it wasn't. It sloped steeply up the side of the valley, to the woods of Croham Hurst at the top. Under the apple tree where my parents and sister are sitting I once watched a dead hawk moth being eaten by ants. The corgi's name was "Becky".


I was a fair-haired kid.  Positively Nordic. This wasn't my car. We were at the fair- and the picture was taken by a pro. Brrm-brrm! Oddly enough- I've never learned to drive. The white thing on the seat beside me is the roof of the toy bus I was carrying round with me at the time.