October 7th, 2008

Examination Day

So now we can put the Shakespeare books away. And the DVDs. How many versions of Hamlet do we own- is it four or five? There's Larry's and Mel's and Nicol's and Ken's. So four?  Yes, four.  I've really enjoyed this year.

We went to Stratford twice. Once for a workshop and once to watch David Tennant play Hamlet. We saw Lear at the Globe. We've watched film versions of Cymbeline, Richard II, Measure for Measure, Macbeth. 

The last thing we watched together was Kozintsev's Lear. I didn't like it much. It's got the commissars breathing down its neck.  The guy playing the king is like a little fluffy chick. I understand the director picked him out of a crowd of extras because he liked his eyes.

Ailz is in the front room now with her invigilator.  Every so often I can hear the rattle of her keyboard. It's good how the Open University allows disabled students to be examined in their homes. She's just taken a mini-break and I've carried in hot drinks.