October 6th, 2008

Modern Times

I had a researcher from Ipsos-Mori come to the door yesterday morning. He seemed more frightened of me than I was of him, so I let him in and sat him in the front room and we went through a slate of unrelated questions- about TV channels and the sponsorship of sporting events and insurance companies and the Alpha Course and who I'm going to vote for in the next election.  The session lasted about 10 minutes and he gave me two ball-point pens with Ipsos-Mori on them as a reward.

We got a call this morning from Asda. Someone had used one of our cards to make a booking with Iberian Airlines. Was this us?  No, it certainly wasn't. This is the second time something like this has happened- and both times with cards we only ever use to make purchases on line. 

We're still managing not to run the central heating. We've put another quilt on the bed and we're wearing fleeces and body warmers. The temperature is steadily dropping, but the weather is clear. I hung clothes out to dry yesterday- with success-and I'm doing it again today.