September 25th, 2008

Shopping And Other Stuff

The cheap shops aren't necessarily cheaper than the expensive shops, because the expensive shops all run budget lines. We mainly shop at Sainsburys- because they have a good cheese counter and do the best in-store bread- and they're expensive, but if you compare the prices of their Basics range with the prices in Aldi, Netto and the rest, they generally come out on top. With the Basics range you're buying mishapes, and muesli with fewer raisins in and the ragged end of bacon joints, but it all tastes perfectly good.

We went round Wilkinsons in Ashton yesterday. The in-laws like it and it has the reputation for being ultra cheap- but I wasn't impressed.

Carl is doing a job for the in-laws- and they were telling him- as they tell everybody (ho ho ho)- how Ailz's brother would have had a perfectly happy childhood if it hadn't been for Ailz being such a tiresome kid.  No, actually, he would have had a perfectly happy childhood if it hadn't been for them being such useless and neglectful parents. Sometimes I could shoot them. I once threw Ailz's mother out of the house for running her down to my face- and we were free of them for nearly a year- but then they crept back.

Ashton offers free town centre parking for disabled badge holders and Oldham doesn't- which is a good reason for going to Ashton market not Oldham market. Another good reason, coming up on the horizon, is that the indoor market- which was gutted in a fire a few years back- is going to reopen in two months time.

Ashton is in the process of reinventing itself. It's been much slower off the mark than Oldham, but now it's going great guns. The run-down west end of town is being completely rebuilt.  There are all these gleaming new buildings going up behind the wire- and I'm just itching to get among them.

The old Ashton and the new Ashton. This picture was taken about two years ago. The buildings in the background have gone now and the buildings on the billboard exist but are not yet in use.