September 9th, 2008

What The Papers Say

Every morning I flip through the papers online. I read the Guardian, Times, Independent and Telegraph. In spite of being an old lefty I find I enjoy the right-wing Telegraph most of all.  It has the best stories. Today it has a piece (plus fun video) on Spore- the new, evolutionary, universe-building game from the guy who created the Sims. I don't play games, but if I did I'd make a bee-line for this one.

The Guardian was my paper of choice for decades. These days its bossy earnestness gets on my tits. It's the most poltical of the four papers- the most ideological.

The Times and the Independent are less highly flavoured, less distinct.  I'm wary of the Times because of Rupert Murdoch's ownership, but it hosts my favourite columnist, Matthew Parris.  The Indy is a less strident version of the Guardian. I'm spinning the  wheels to try to think of something I particularly value it for, but nothing comes up.

To tell the truth, all four are much of a muchness. They usually agree on their main stories. Sometimes the Indy will pursue a story that's off the radar for the other three. So, there- that's what's special about it.

First thing I wanted to know this morning was how Andy Murray had fared against Federer in New York. He lost.

Here's another tit-bit  from the Telegraph. It's a story about top-ten lists, comparing today's top tens with the top-tens of twenty years ago. Tokyo is still the world's largest city (dubious distinction if you ask me) but New York has been bumped from the #2 position by Seoul and now stands at #4.  The most popular names in Britain at this point in time are Jack and Grace. 20 years ago they were the Biblical Daniel and Rebecca. I can understand Jack- there are Jacks all over popular culture right now- but why Grace? What exactly am I missing?