August 20th, 2008

Monkey Suit

 I'm sorry the Bigfoot in the freezer turned out to be a gorilla suit. The hoaxers- who to judge by their videos are a couple of the dumbest bubbas going- have made monkeys of us all. According to today's reports they sold the freezer and its contents to a bunch of scientists for good hard cash before hightailing it back to the woods of Georgia. So, maybe not so dumb after all.

I can't be angry. Not really. We need our tricksters. They stir the pot. They keep things interesting.

But here we are- back where we started- Bigfoot is a cryptid again. And how likely was it really that something that big and lungeous would be wandering around the Southern United States without someone shooting it or trapping it or coming up with incontrovertible proof of its existence? The Pacific Northwest, maybe, the Himalayas, even more likely- but Georgia? Or is Georgia a lot wilder and craggier than I think it is?

Even so, lots of people- not tricksters but solid citizens- keep on seeing and hearing these things. They're like lake monsters.  Just as every large body of water in the northern hemisphere harbours a cousin of Nessie, so every sizeable wilderness has its scary man-apes. There's always just enough evidence - sightings, stray hairs, footprints- to keep the files open, but never enough to close the case.

It's like some cosmic trickster is teasing us, leading us on, playing silly-bugger games.
I read a book once by Loren Coleman and somebody else which took the Jungian line. Cryptids are archetypes, emerging so forcibly from the collective unconscious we think we're actually seeing them. I'm half-persuaded, but it's not science, is it? All it does is replace one mystery with another.

Maybe what they really are is ghosts.