August 14th, 2008

Urban Beachcombing

 I've never been ashamed to pick up the loose change people drop or throw away. Sometimes I've idly thought there might be a living in it.  Back in the day, when I was a school crossing attendant- which involved lots of standing around doing nothing- I used to amuse myself by treasure hunting on and around my patch- and it was rare that I went home with nothing.  One memorable afternoon I found over £3.00.

My luck was so good I sometimes wondered whether I wasn't attracting the coins to myself by inadvertent mental magic.

Perhaps "a living" is pitching it too high, but here's an article (thanks to sunfell  for the link) that suggests you can substantially supplement your income by walking round with your head lowered and your mind in the gutter.   Maybe-  now that prices are rising and there's a recession looming-  it's time I started doing it again.