August 2nd, 2008


Sad thoughts are such fun. No really they are. Especially thoughts of death. 

Why else would one be a goth? Or watch autopsies on TV? Or fetishize Heath Ledger's Joker?

Death absolves us of responsibility.  Death stops the pain.  Death is the comforter.

I have four little pots of bubble mixture lined up on my work station. Bubbles are symbols of mortality. 

Poussin's Dance To The Music of Time is a 17th century Vanitas painting. It's all about the brevity of human life and the vanity of human wishes. The dancers represent the seasons- whirling round so fast. And check out the miserable little kid in the bottom left hand corner with the bubble pipe.

Image:The dance to the music of time c. 1640.jpg

My pots of bubble mixture were handed out at weddings. They're in the shape of  a three-tiered wedding cake with a heart on  top. Ha!

If I'm feeling discouraged I take time out to blow bubbles. It never fails to cheer me up.