July 15th, 2008

Notes On A Life

That test match I was enthusing about a day or two back ended in a draw. Test cricket is like that; it can bitterly disappoint. This is yet another way in which it mirrors the human condition. 

We just watched the first season of Father Ted. I guess nothing is as funny second time around. I love it how Father Dougal is so clueless about being a priest. He sort of reminds me of how I used to be.

Sunday's a good day to shop at Sainsbury's. That's when they sell things off at silly prices. We just bought £18 worth of meat for £3- and slammed it all in the freezer. That'll last us for weeks.

I've been eating meat for about a year now. I'm a reluctant carnivore. Put too much of the stuff on my plate and I want to throw it accross the room. 

L'Envers de l' Histoire Contemporaine may be the last book Balzac finished. It's a tall story about a secret society of (barely sufferable) catholic royalist do-gooders- and it ends in Christian forgiveness and national reconciliation.