June 19th, 2008


We borrowed Carl's sat-nav to go down to London. My friend Judy says, you Brits have such weird abbrieviations and what does that one stand for exactly? And I have to admit I don't really know. Satellite navigation system I think , but the last word could be device. It's one of those new things that pings onto the market with its name already abbreviated. Anyway, I wasn't impressed.

First we were drining through Kent and it told us the road we were on didn't exist. It was so annoyed at us for driving on the non-existent road that it took the huff and stopped talking. Later, as we were making our way through East London to the Globe, it decided to lead us round and round in circles. As the same church loomed up in the same place for the third time we decided to disobey, pull out of the loop and take a route it didn't want us to take- after which it did a rethink, acknowledged we'd outsmarted it, and plotted us a new route that more or less worked. But I'd lost faith by then and had gotten my map out.

I'd have renounced the little bleeders after that experience, but Ailz loves her toys and went on line and ordered us one. She spent most of yesterday evening with it plugged into her computer, setting it up so it'll do things like pinpoint all the iron age sites we pass. I've got to admit I like the idea of being told about iron age sites.

"So, do you want a male voice or a female voice?" she asks. "What do you think?" I reply. Our chosen voice comes with a name; isn't that sweet? Her name is Jane.