May 1st, 2008

The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

I made a resolution yesterday: I'm going to stop taking a day to day, close-up interest in politics. What good has it ever done me or anybody else? It's a bad habit and merely stirs up negativity.

As it happens I dreamed about Gordon Brown last night. He was presiding over a school dance. I guess my subconscious had clocked a resemblance between him and "Ted" Maidment- popular history teacher of my youth- and  was using it to seal the pact. Discipline at school dances was pretty strict- no snogging, no hanky-panky- but Ted was permissive and looked the other way when I sloped off to the curtained cubicle with my partner. Good bloke. In the dream I felt about Gordon the way I felt about Ted. 

And now I'm off to vote against him in the local elections.