April 30th, 2008

Morning Ritual

I get up, creak downstairs, pour myself an orange juice, light a scented candle and check out the Guardian online- first the headlines, next the political comment, sometimes the arts news;  then I do the same for the Times. Only when I've assured myself that all's wrong with the world and our leaders are being as boneheaded and venal as ever, do I move onto the next phase- which consists of breakfast, email and LJ.

I don't enjoy the papers any more. I know what the commentators are going to say before I turn to their columns. It's just habit. This is what middle-aged men do, right?  They read the newspapers.

Ailz gets up a lot later than me. She also goes straight online- but instead of reading the news she clocks onto the Rabbits United forum.  I hear her chuckling to herself.  Sometimes she calls me over to look at something particularly cute. "Oh look, this rabbit has mal-aligned incisors."

I believe she's got the right idea; her early morning reading certainly seems a lot more entertaining than mine.  To hell with the gossip of the Westminster village! But what should I read instead?  You guys know what my interests are: can any of you suggest a non-newsy but everchanging website I could use as my home page?