March 19th, 2008


We had to go to the Post Office to transfer money from our Post Office account to our current account and Ailz suggested we went on to Sainsbury's afterwards to buy bread. "No," I said, "Because if we go to Sainsbury's we'll buy all sorts of other things because they're there- and we're supposed to be saving money, aren't we?" "So," she said. "We'll go to the local bakers." And we did.  We ended up spending £3.00- because we couldn't resist the cakes- but  if we'd have gone to Sainsbury's it would have been nearer £10.00. 

Inflation is beginning to niggle. Our monthly gas bill just took a huge leap upwards and I've been noticing how our weekly shopping bills have been climbing. 

At the beginning of the week I decided I'd give up meat- partly because I'm tired of it, but also because I thought it would save us money. Only it won't- because we'll just be spending more on things like bread and cheese and eggs.

I've not been paying much attention to the prices of things in the shops. Time I did. I think of bread as cheap- essentially, fundamentally cheap- but it isn't, is it?  Last time I took any notice- which I suppose was last year- the loaf we normally buy cost 89p. I just checked with Ailz and she tells me it now costs £1.20.