March 17th, 2008

Praise For The NHS

Ailz went for an eye test this morning- to the new health centre on Glodwick Rd. It's so smart and airy and clean and modern- with its big windows, high ceilings and comfortable furnishings-  that it's a pleasure to be there. People complain about the NHS and how it's on the slide, but it didn't have buildings like this in the olden days- buildings designed to lift your spirits rather than oppress them. So- please sit up and pay attention- I'm going to praise the government for once. Buildings like this- and they're springing up all over the borough and so, I suppose, all over the country- are evidence of tax money well spent.

Another thing: I'm used to NHS appointments wasting hours of my time, so I took a book to read in the waiting room. I read about three pages. The whole expedition-  from us leaving home to us walking back though the front door- took no more than half an hour.