March 8th, 2008

Warm Front

We were standing in the front yard, chatting across the wall to Renee- as one does on sleety March evenings- when the guy from three doors up came bustling round with a form he wanted us to sign, nominating him for a place on the local advisory council. No problem with that: public-spirited chap, long-time resident, good neighbour.  And then- this was our reward, I suppose- he said he'd put us in touch with Warmfront- the government body that goes round lagging boilers and filling cavity walls to keep citizens cosy and cut down on their carbon footprints.

The Warm Front man rang within half an hour and came round to see us yesterday. He was quite the salesman, keeping up a continual patter and telling us anything we said was "brilliant!"- but we didn't in the least mind being aggressively sold to because- what with Ailz being disabled and all- we get a government grant and won't have to pay a penny.   He measured rooms, examined doors and windows, looked at the boiler, fired up his lap top and did some sums- and the upshot is he's put us down for a new boiler and some draught-proofing.

He left us a leaflet full of good advice, most of which we already knew and some of which we put into practice. Keep the lids on your saucepans, convert to low energy light bulbs etc, etc. But were you aware that it costs twelve times as much to bake your potatoes in the oven as it does to use the microwave? Well I'm not surprised, but the microwave doesn't make the skins all crispy, does it?