March 4th, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I was full of aches and pains so I cleaned the kitchen to take my mind to a higher place. 

We've been trying to get rid of a couple of powered wheelchairs. We had one of them up on eBay but no-one bit, so we advertised them both on Freecycle and they were snapped up within minutes. It's good to get the floor space back. The woman who came to pick one of them up last night said it was fate; she and her man had been talking about how they needed a chair and then- wow- like magic- there was our advert. It made me feel good and useful- like I was a fairy godmother or some other beneficent, supernatural being.  

Which leads neatly into the topic of the witches in Macbeth; are they evil or what? Ailz and I were discussing this in bed last night. She'd been reading a piece by Terry Eagleton where he says they're figures of female empowerment and the true heroines of the play. I think that's going it some. My view is they're not  witches at all but a sort of raggedy, Scottish version of the Fates- minor goddesses and so morally neutral- and that all the stuff that identifies them as witches- the oogly-boogly stuff around the cauldron etc- was added in later by Middleton.

I guess the greasy grime on the TV screen has a lot to do with all the scented candles we burn.