February 29th, 2008

Really Important News

Royal prince- tired of shooting at protected species on Granny's estate in Norfolk- demands right to go shoot at real people on  North West frontier.

Authorities- concerned about real people shooting back at royal prince- dither.

Royal prince threatens to throw tantrum and quit army.

Royal prince gets what he wants.

International media obligingly keep quiet about it.

Royal prince gets to shoot at real people for three months.

Drudge Report disrespectfully blows the whistle.

Military types accuse Drudge Report and other journalists of "treason".

Evening News suspends all other stories to bring us footage of royal prince firing heavy machine gun at real people in order to "save lives".

Journalists opine that royal prince has obliterated memories of temper tantrums thrown outside posh night clubs and is now "a Man". 

Royal prince is helicoptered out of danger zone.

In other news top US intelligence official Mike McConnell reports that the Karzai government controls "less than a third "of Afghanistan and the security situation is "deteriorating".