February 22nd, 2008

Employment Status

I fill in a lot of online questionnaires- in the hope of points (and points win prizes)- and I never know how to describe my employment status. Most of these questionnaires assume that you work for The Man- and give you a range of corporate identities to choose from. But I don't work for The Man. I work for Ailz. Alternatively I work for the government. What I am is Ailz's carer- for which the government pays me around £50 per week. When I displease Ailz she threatens to tell that nice Mr Brown about me and he'll take away my pittance. 

I stay at home, I make endless cups of tea, I'm sort of always around. By being sort of always around I make it possible for the two of us to live a normal life. I don't think of it as work. 

Usually I put myself down as unemployed or retired- because that's what it feels like.

And then the other day this guy from the Council came round to ask us our feelings about how the Council is making everything better and I had the usual problem with defining what I do. "So what do you do? He asked and I told him and he said, "But that's full-time employment" and of course he was right.

So I'm going with that in future. 

Employment status: fulltime.

Nature of Employment: other.