February 17th, 2008

Free Association

I guess I'll be taking antihystemine (sp?) tablets for the rest of my life now.

Perhaps I can knock them off during the winter months.

But then again, seeing I just got this ramping attack of hay fever in mid february, I'm not sure any time can be considered safe.

Would it be specious to link this to global waming and climate change?
Perhaps I'm allergic to rabbits.

Should I add the hay fever pills to the pills in my compartmented pill box?

It would make sense, but then again it would be an admission of defeat.

I'd be branding myself as a hay fever sufferer. 

As someone who suffers from chronic rhinitis. I like that word. Makes me think of rhinos. I guess it's all to do with noses. 

Rhinoplasty:  that's what Michael Jackson had done again and again until the poor, overworked member caved in.

There's something awesome about the realisation that from now on until forever you will always have to do something or other.

Even if the something or other is as minor as taking a  pill.

It reminds me of when I first got glasses.

I was 20. I was in some medieval church looking up at the corbels (some things never change) and I suddenly realised I couldn't focus without squinting and I'd have to get my eyes tested. 

A life changing experience. Nothing would ever be quite the same again. 

I adapted quickly to wearing glasses. I like having them. They're a prop, something to fiddle with, look over the top of, push to the top of my head like I'm Sophia Loren. 

An extension of the body.

A prosthesis

It's been suggested I wear contacts. 

No way. 

Or have laser treatment.

Get lost!