February 5th, 2008

An Early Start

I tend  to sleep badly when we've got an alarm clock set- which is stupid, but that's the way it goes. The one good thing about broken sleep is it  means vivid dreams- and I enjoy those. Last night I dreamed I was walking to Ashton with an Irish tinker girl called Issy Boyle- who was dangerous company but rather sweet. She told me we'd met before on another plane (meaning the astral not Ryan Air). 

We had the alarm set because we'd arranged to take my father-in-law to Oldham Royal for an early morning appointment- and he's someone who likes to turn up half an hour early just in case. There was a striking grey and yellow sunrise. We delivered him to the clinic and went and sat with our books in the hospital canteen.

I'm reading The Wild Asses Skin. This is Balzac being mystical. And Balzac being mystical lays it on with a trowel. Why is so much 19th century art so heavily encrusted? I think it's because they were being bombarded with information as never before and felt they had to accomodate everything. What I've read thus far reminds me of Poe- only Poe was more fastidious and economical- less of a genius but more of an artist. 

The hospital canteen is called the Cafe Royal. I have dreary memories of the place from when Ailz was in with her gall bladder a couple of years back. I'd visit in the afternoon and we'd go to the Cafe Royal and drink our tea and twiddle our thumbs. 

It's good to be home again. I must remember to check in with the BBC radio news every once in a while. There was one of their reporter's stood outside Sainsbury's yesterday afternoon with a microphone asking questions about the government's new immigration policy. We heard this old white bloke saying "we'll never integrate" and we wanted to dive in after him and put an opposing point of view. Ailz said something cogent. And then the guy switched to me and I said "I agree with her." I wonder if we'll get an airing.  

What do we mean by integration, anyway? Ailz says "accepting difference." And how hard is that? It surely doesn't mean we have to be in and out of one another's houses all day long. This is an integrated street. We have white neighbours and we have Asian neighbours and we ignore them all equally. No, that's not entirely true- we interact very nicely with our immediate neighbours- Rene to the left and Sameena to the right. We don't pester one another but we chirrup when we meet on the street and occasionally lend a helping hand. That's all that's needed, innit?