January 26th, 2008


We did a bunny-run this morning.

And what's a bunny run? 

It's what happens when a lot of rabbit-obsessives (linked by the Internet) gang together to transport a rabbit in need of a home from one part of the country to another. In this case the spare rabbit was living in Manchester and the person who wanted to give it a home lives in Norfolk- a long and expensive round trip. So the obsessives broke the route into stages and Ailz volunteered us for the first 30 miles. Accordingly we picked our rabbit up and took it across the inky-blue moors to a house in Barnsley where another person is going to collect it this afternoon and take it to Lincoln for a rendezvous at the railway station with the person who is taking it by train to its final destination.  Easier to buy your rabbit from the pet shop? Yes- but rabbit-obsessives disapprove of pet shops. 

This rabbit is called Cloud and you can guess what colour it is. Dirty grey? No, white. WHITE. I had a rabbit called Cloud when I was a little boy (I'm sure I thought I was being original) which Kissa (short for Clarissa) Chapman- with whom I was moonishly in love- gave me because she was bored with it. I got bored with it too and passed it on to someone else- I forget who because I wasn't in love with him or her.  Poor Cloud.