January 16th, 2008


 It was raining hard first thing, but by the time we got to Colne it had more or less stopped. Ailz and Ruth went shopping at the Boundary Mill complex and I took a walk round town.  Colne is built on a hilltop; there's a river with mills alongside it and a railway viaduct and a town hall by Waterhouse and a 12th century church with rare 17th century grave stones in the yard. Round about lunchtime the sun came out and I got to eat my egg crunch sandwich (egg mayo with peppers and iceberg lettuce) sitting on a bench in Pendle View Park. I don't suppose tourists come to Colne unless they're on the trail of the Pendle witches- and even then I shouldn't think they linger. I like towns that don't do a sit up and beg routine for outsiders. 

Colne's two most famous sons were both Hartleys- and presumably related.  One of them- William Pickles Hartley- founded the  jam company and the other- Wallace Henry Hartley- was bandmaster on the Titanic.