November 15th, 2007


The Council has hired a firm to dig up all the back alleys in this corner of town and replace the cobblestones with tarmac. We knew it was going to happen and had the chance to object- but I don't suppose anyone did. I don't suppose anyone was lobbying for it to be done either. It feels like change for the sake of change. Ailz thinks the cobblestones will be sold  to footballers wives living in Cheshire and a nice profit will be made- to be shared between the contractors and the Council.  Quite probably. I suppose the surface we're getting will be easier to keep clean and kinder to wheeled vehicles. No more weeds. Actually I rather liked the weeds. It was good to step outside the back gate in sunmmer and see greenery and flowers. I liked the cobblestones too- for the same reason that the footballers wives covet them: because they're picturesque and old- and I'm sad to see them go.