October 9th, 2007

What's Sauce For The Goose...

Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones is having his autobiography serialised in the Mail.

(No, I don't buy the Mail. My in-laws do and they give us their old copies to line the rabbits' litter trays)

Ron is a bad boy. He and George Harrison (no, not my saintly George!) did a bit of wife swapping back in the day, Keith Richards drew a derringer on Ron, so he drew his Magnum, the whole pack of them were gobbling down Class A drugs like there was no tomorrow.

And it builds the legend. This is what rockers do. 

But if a little girl like Britney tries to live like a Rolling Stone- phew- the moralising, the long lenses, the lip-licking disapproval.

I'm not saying I like it how Britney is living her life- or Kate Moss or Amy Winehouse. All I'm saying is- equality of censure.