October 5th, 2007


I'm looking forward to seeing Control- Anton Corbijn's new movie about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian says it's the film of the year. 

Manchester in the early '80s. Whoo-hoo!

Love Will Tear Us Apart is my favourite pop song.

I didn't listen to it at the time. Who was I listening to? Al Stewart probably. 

But I guess it was playing somewhere in the background as I trudged round the streets of Reddish on behalf of the Church of England. 

Reddish isn't that far from Ian Curtis' home town of Macclesfield. They're both of them sad little burgs within the blighting halo of the big city. 

Curtis and I shared a landscape. Post-industrial, abandoned by the people who matter. It wasn't in black and white, though. And the sun shone as much or as little as it does now.

I knew the lead singer of the band Sad Cafe.  They almost made it but not quite. He and Ian Curtis must have rubbed shoulders.

Paul Morley the music writer was saying he wished he could remember the conversations he'd had with Curtis, but imagines they were probably about football results.

No-one ever knows they're living a legend.