July 26th, 2007

The Great And Little Ormes

Llandudno lies between two rocky headlands- the Great Orme and the Litlle Orme. Here's the great Orme.

And here's the Little Orme.

And here's The Little Orme again, shot from the Great Orme. Yes I climbed to the top and it's very steep and my legs are killing me. 

Looks like a great serpent sliding out to sea, doesn't it? I've got it into my head that the word "orme" is related to the old English "wurm" meaning serpent or dragon- but I can't find any  conformation.

Llandudno III

My favourite shot from yesterday. Llandudno is delightfully traditional. Not only donkey rides but also a Punch and Judy man. 

I like this one too.

And, finally- the Cheshire cat.  Alice Liddel (the original Alice in Wonderland) used to holiday in Llandudno and the Happy Valley gardens on the Great Orme are scattered with these delightful wood carvings of Wonderland characters.