April 23rd, 2007

George Chadwick RIP

I didn't know the guy. He was Ailz's uncle- Ailz's last surviving uncle. We'd met at funerals and that was about it.

He was very popular. The church was full and there was standing room only at the crem. The vicar said how appropriate it was that we were memorialising a George on St. George's Day and thereafter referred to him, off and on, as "our St George". 

Ailz wasn't fond of him. She compared him with her own father and found him lacking. "Shallow" is the word she favours.  

But when his brother-in-law and his wife were killed in a car crash George took their kids in and raised them as his own. That's a better deed than I've ever done.

It was a very schmaltzy service. Jesus was mentioned a lot. And at one point we sat and listened to an Al Jolson song about how nice it is to have died and gone to heaven.

All the members of the family were given a red rose to wear in honour of it being St George's Day. I put Ailz's in water as soon as we got home- and there it is standing on the mantlepiece.