February 27th, 2007

Roman News

Ailz and I are re-watching the first season of Rome- in preparation for the launch of the second season sometime in the spring. One thing that sort of irks me is that, in spite of a budget of $100,000,000, we never get any proper battles- and what's a Roman epic without battles? There's a bit of a skirmish at the very beginning but all the other opportunities for massed, gladius-thrusting, man-on-man action are whimsically side-stepped and all we see (for instance) of the battle of Thapsus is one  poorly  jumbo.  In season II (which you guys on the other side of the pond are already enjoying- lucky you)  I understand they've reconsidered and gone all out to give us a proper account of the Battle of Philippi with armies of- ooh- at least 50 a-side and lots of lovely CGI. I want to see it. I want to see it now!

I love Rome. In particular I love Pullo. Pullo represents everything I most dislike in a man- insensitivity, brutality, machismo, unthinking stupidity- all rolled up into one hunking ball and yet I love him. I don't altogether understand it, but I suppose it's because he's also so boyishly cheerful- the eternal squaddie- Tommy Atkins in a leather jerkin. Anyway, there's nothing he can do- cutting people's thumbs off, carrying out hits for the Mob- which will turn me against him. He bashes some poor fool's brains out in an unprovoked attack and I think, "aw, poor Pullo, he'll come to regret this."

Meanwhile, In another corner of the antique world they've found the graves of Jesus and his family- including his mom and Mary Magdalen- and the discovery is vouched for by no less a person than renowned marine archaeologist, James Cameron. The cardinals are already squealing like stuck pigs. Luvverly!