December 24th, 2006

Christmas Eve

1. We've treated ourselves to a Scrabble set.this Christmas. A sign of advancing age, I guess- wanting  to play board games.  I haven't played in 20 years, but it's like riding a bicycle, innit? On one of my turns I used all the letters in my rack and copped the 50 point bonus. Tee-hee! The word I scored with was DANGEROUS.

2. I've borrowed Joe's Hair CD. Turns out it's the soundtrack of the not very good Milos Forman film. Ah well, it'll do. Now to relive my youth!

3. We watched a documentary about Piaf last night. She was another like Lautrec who drove herself into an early grave with all the fun she had. Menandboozeandpills. And workworkwork. She signed off at 48 whereas Lautrec only got to 36. This particular film must have been made with the US market in mind because it gave far too much time to her transatlantic career. Did you know that at her peak only Sinatra and Crosby were selling more records? But  that's irrelevant. Piaf is Paris as Paris is Piaf. Her rather sweet, little, final husband drove her corpse up over night from the South of France so that the legend could be rounded off with the fiction that she'd died in her native city.

4. Thank you for the mistletoe, mam_adar