October 29th, 2006


Something really upset the rabbits this morning. Smack, smack, smack; It's amazing how much noise they make when they  stamp their little back feet. Ailz went down to investigate and found the big one in hiding and the little chap in the middle of the floor, all but in a trance. I haven't a clue what happened. Maybe they were quarreling, maybe a cat looked in through the window, maybe they saw a ghost... 


Ailz had TB as a very small child and spent 9 months in the San.  Her favourite toy was a panda called Doofus. When she was discharged they wouldn't let her take Doofus with her so she didn't want to leave.

Last night we went to IKEA. Sara bought girly pink tea-lights, Joe bought a meat cleaver to hang on the wall and Ailz bought Doofus #2