October 20th, 2006

The Last Episode Of Extras

The last episode of Extras packed in so many celebs- including one star of such mega-wattage it made my jaw drop- that it couldn't help but feel disjointed.  It's been a bitty show. Scatter-gun. Uncertain in tone. Where The Office was consistent and uniformly beautiful, Extras has been all over the place.

Millman as a TV star,  nominated for a BAFTA, appearing in an avant-garde play directed by Ian McKellen, prancing about homo-erotically with Jonathan Ross?  What universe was this supposed to be exactly? 

It played a bit like a sketch show. Some of the sketches were stronger than others. 

Lots of delicious cameos. Ian Mckellen explaining "why I am so good at acting", Daniel Radcliffe and his condom, Ronnie Corbett as a coke-fiend, almost any of the little scenes between Stephen Merchant and "Barry off Eastenders".

If it failed to live up to its promise, it wasn't for lack of ambition.

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers is a Mormon. Oh, right....

I've believed in some pretty silly things in the course of my life but there are some things- some organised bodies of belief- that are just too silly even for me. 

And Mormonism is one of them. Its prophet? Clearly a con-artist.  Its scriptures? Mark Twain called them "chloroform in print".

And isn't there something about never taking off your underwear? Or is that the Jehovah's Witnesses? I get those two mixed up.

You gotta read up around your beliefs. You gotta ask questions.

And if you're in your mid-twenties and you've seen a bit of the world beyond Utah and you still believe in the angel Moroni and the golden tablets and the green spectacles, it can only mean you're a bit of a fool. 

I don't mean unintelligent. I mean intellectually incurious.

Why should I want to engage with an artist who is intellectually incurious?

I feel the same way about all those Hollywood stars who are into Scientology. Travolta, Cruise: I avoid their films.

I quite liked Hot Fuss, but I think I'll be giving the latest album a miss.