September 10th, 2006


I made a pasta dish last night using the field mushrooms we brought back from my mother's.

Just spaghetti, mushrooms, garlic, onion, white wine and seasoning.

The mushrooms were a revelation. They didn't taste mushroomy at all. Ailz says it's because -unlike farmed mushrooms- they weren't grown in shit.

They tasted very faintly- exquisitely- of almonds.

Cutting The Food Bill

We borrowed a hell of a lot of money to get the house fixed.

(Mortgage- a sinister word; doesn't it mean something like "hand of death"?)

And Ailz proposes that it is merely sensible, merely decent, that we limit our spending in the run-up to Christmas.

£40 a week on food. And we've been spending something like £120. 

Can we do it? 

It's either cut the food bill or stop buying DVDs.

Hmm. That concentrates the mind. 

Fancy cheeses or a  newly released Bunuel? 

I think I know  myself well enough...

I hope I do.

This is going to be quite a test of character.