August 19th, 2006

Water Meter/Maigret

Yesterday we had a water meter installed. You know, saving water, doing our bit to save the planet, saving ourselves a few bob.

Today we had no water.

This sort of thing freaks me out. I Ihate to feel powerless. I start to pace the room...

The emergency guy came to fix it within a couple of hours. Seems like the the meter had a broken part. You'd have though the guy who installed it would have noticed, wouldn't you?

It's been raining all day. I think there's irony  there somewhere if you care to join the dots.

And on a different subject altogether I'd like to praise the old (early 90s) version of Maigret with Michael Gambon. It never made a big splash- and I suppose it's not as fantabulous as The Brett Holmes or the Suchet Poirot-  but its still very nicely done. They filmed it somewhere in Eastern Europe, which explains why the buildings aren't quite right and there are wooded hills coming down to the banks of the Seine. Gambon is lovely- austere, formidable and fatherly. Tell you, what he's most like- he's most like a priest- a good priest,  treating the Paris underworld as his "little flock", comforting the wounded, eliciting confessions and handing out absolution and/or penance to the offender.  I wonder if Simenon had read  Father Brown?