July 31st, 2006

Good Riddance

The very last Top of The Pops. Yeah- I watched it. 

Forty years worth of bumptious little ditties and chaps in fancy dress. 

It was all so naff. 

Oh my God, that's George Best dancing (half-heartedly) to the Rolling Stones! If the show spawned so many iconic moments, why did they have to show that one twice?

I don't think Bowie was a spaceman; I think he was a plank. 

And the presenters. Yikes! I'd completely forgotten just how embarassing Tony Blackburn is!


Al-Murad has three notices displayed around his premises. One says he opens at 7.30, one says he opens at 8.00 and the third says he opens at 9.30.

It's the third you want to believe- as we found out when we called at his shop at 8.30 last Friday.

We went back this morning at 9.30.to find him kneeling outside his front door. There was a bald guy with a blow torch kneeling beside him. Turns out someone had filled all his locks with super glue.