July 22nd, 2006

Purchas: Her Pilgrimage Continues...

I just finished Purchas #3. And now I'm at a loose end. I want to get stuck into Purchas #4  toute de suite. I think we will set Purchas #4 in 17th century France. 

The trick is to fix on a year and then research it (by which I mean consult Wikipaedia). The research will suggest a story. I fancy a touch of the gothic horrors this time round, but really it's up to the characters. If Purchas dosn't want to do gothic horror, she'll just dig in her heels and refuse to budge.

I'll start posting Purchas #3 on Monday. It has a title (finally, finally). It is called Purchas:Tragical-comical-historical-pastoral. 

The fellas aren't in today. Oh so quiet! Karl is in Blackpool with his family and Eddie is- I'm not actually sure what Eddie is doing. Karl will be back on Monday to finish laying the living room floor. Then he'll start decorating our bedroom- which I'm dreading.