May 21st, 2006

The Fear Kicks In

The fear kicks in. I wake up  and think, ohmygod what are we doing?

Up until about a week ago I believed I was going to live in this house until I died. 

A good enough reason for getting out, really. 

But still;- we're cosy and comfy in Oldham and we know our way around and here we are setting our sights on moving to a part of the world we favour because the sea is splashing about somewhere in the vicinity and the horizons are so low.

And the skies are so big. 

What is this thing I've got- it almost amounts to a passion- about going to live in a marsh?

I love Great Expectations- but do I really love it this much?

And if my ancestors were marsh men and marsh women (as I like to fantasize) didn't they get the hell out of there as soon as they could?

But I'm working through the fear. I know (know?- am I really that sure?) that this is THE RIGHT THING TO DO. 

Oh My Ears And Whiskers

Yesterday was a nothing-is-happening-even-though-we're-fucking-moving-day;  so we made something happen. 

We went and bought another rabbit.

A father and daughter team rescue rabbits. They have a shed in their back yard packed floor to ceiling with hutches. And every hutch contains a lovable bun.

They have giant rabbits- things as big as bulldogs, only with floppy ears and lolloping legs.  One of them was at liberty. It lummoxed round the shed trying to trip people up.

I don't want one of those.

The daughter said we needed to get a female because two males, even if neutered, will fight. So we had to pass on the half-lionhead with the puffy face that Ailz wanted because it was so ugly.

And we settled on Rachel. Rachel the rabbit. She's all subtle shades of fawn and ginger.
And about three times the size of little Tosh.  

She likes nothing better than to lie on the settee and watch TV. Apparently.

They're going to get her neutered for us and we take delivery next saturday. 

Ailz is in the bedroom getting dressed. She's singing "My bunny lies over the ocean"

Bring back, 
Bring back,
Oh, bring back my bunny to me.