May 19th, 2006


A few entries back I wrote about wanting to "examine my life."

Thanks, Dag, you really landed me in it.

There's no more practical way of examining your life than by putting your house on the market.

All the stuff you've accumulated. Silly stuff. Sentimental. Bah: heave it  in the wheelie bin!

The estate agents want to take picturesof the interior and they're not going to do it with that chair in the frame. 

Oldham Tip-  here we come!

Ailz says that once you put your house on the market it ceases to be your home. 

Too true!

Life is suddenly moving very, very fast. 

I  like it.

St. Augustine, Brookland (Again)

Here's a shot of the interior. The South aisle looking west. What you're seeing isn't a fish-eye distortion; the pillars really do lean like that. I assume it's because the foundations have shifted in the marshy soil.


We had two estate agents come round to price the house.  One was big and smiley and talked about cricket and made a fuss of the bun and the other gave us an estimate that was £10,000 higher.

You can buy a lot of cricket-talk and bunny-fussing for £10,000.

We gave big and smiley two lemon geranium cuttings as a consolation prize.