May 5th, 2006

Land Of The Dead

The heads explode as never before. The zombies eat their victims in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

It's great fun.

But the acting is as weak as ever. And this time Romero doesn't have the excuse that he can't afford the talent. If you can't get a decent performance out of Dennis Hopper it's probably because you're useless with actors.

Are we paying homage to Metropolis? That's nice.

The script is clunky. The post-9/11 references are gestural. It's not as if Romero has anything interesting to say about Bushworld.

And who's the blond guy- our notional hero? He's so uninteresting!

Give Sam Raimi a big budget and he remains individual and inventive. Such craftsmanship!

Give Romero a big budget and you expose his weaknesses. He becomes middle-of-the-road Hollywood. A little old fashioned if the truth be told.

The first three Dead films are masterpieces. This one is ordinary.