December 25th, 2005

Merry Whateveryouwanttocallit!

I had a great dream that was all psychedelic colours and beautiful people and horses made of mist and then I woke up and cooked dinner and we ate it and Joe sat us down and we watched Bad Santa which has to be the best Christmas movie ever and now it's mid-afternoon and Ailz has gone to bed and Joe is watching Shrek and I'm waiting for David Tennant to put in his first appearance as Dr Who.

A very merry Christmas/Yule/Winterval to all our friends!

'Tis The Season to be Jolly

I put on my CD of high class carols- sung in German no less.

"Depressing." says Joe.

"What? Silent Night depressing? Go drink some beer..."

Silent Night was what the German soldiers were singing on Christmas Eve 1914. The British soldiers joined in and soon enough they were lobbing tinned food from trench to trench and shouting out "Merry Christmas, Fritz", "Merry Christmas, Tommy". Then someone got up his courage and walked out into No Man's Land and someone from the other side met him halfway and after that for the whole of that Christmas Day there was fraternising and beer-drinking and football the length of the Western Front. And the High Command got into a terrible strop and threatened to shoot anybody who didn't return to the trenches to be shot.... So the unofficial truce came to an end and the war went on for another four years.

What's up next?

"O Tannenbaum" aka the Red Flag.

The Bolshevik irregulars stormed the Winter Palace....

So what's this anyway- the 20th century's bloodiest hits?

How about a nice Basque lullaby to put us in mind of Guernica?

I switch the CD player off and go watch Ant and Dec.