November 27th, 2005

Out Of The Valley

I watched a drama-doc about the battle of The Somme last night- highly appropriate.

The first day Ailz was in hospital I kept busy and just about held myself together. Yesterday morning I ran out of little jobs and fell apart.

But she was so much better yesterday afternoon- sitting up out of bed and no longer woozy- and so now I've uncurled myself and emerged from my shell hole.

The gall bladder was gangrenous. The surgeon described it as "the gall bladder of the year". I knew Ailz was ill. I think now, from all we've been told, that she came close to dying. If we'd have resisted going into hospital that first night (and we might have done) the infection would probably have killed her.

Thank you all for your support. Thank you so much. Ailz thanks you too.

Sometime today they'll be moving her off the High Dependency Unit onto a general ward.