November 19th, 2005

Another Miscellany

It's been frosty now for three days in a row- or is it four? Cloudless skies, long shadows, light with a sunset tinge to it all day long.

I was reading yesterday that certain members of certain songbird species which normally spend the summer in Germany and the winter in Africa have taken to wintering in Britain instead. It's a huge gamble. On the one hand the cold may kill them, but on the other they get a head-start on the softies who went to Africa when it comes to claiming the best breeding grounds in spring. Incidentally this is one more proof that global warming is really happening.

I had a lovely dream last night (part Rob Roy, part 39 Steps, part Bonnie and Clyde) where I was on the run in Scotland and getting to shoot lots and lots of policemen. This is how my subconscious reacts to yesterday's news of the shooting of two policewomen in Bradford. "Inappropriate" hardly begins to cover it.

And talking about inappropriate behaviour, we were in class this morning, discussing gender relations in late 18th century Arab society, when I (not entirely inadvertently) sent a shockwave round the room by saying "shag". How silly our linguistic conventions are!