November 13th, 2005

Test Cricket

Sky are beaming in the Test match from Pakistan. That's why I'm late writing this. I got up, made breakfast and went straight to the TV set to catch the tail-end of the second day's play.

The light in Pakistan has that powdery quality you only get in hot, dry countries. The sun falls fast. The light goes orange. A powdery orange.

Ailz sits next to me, pedalling away on her exercise bike. Bunny lollops round our feet. Marcus Trescothick removes his helmet and a little Niagara of sweat comes running off its peak.

England are playing just like they did against the Aussies. We're going to win this series. Marcus Trescothick, standing in as captain for the injured Vaughan, ends the day on 133 not out.

There's a group of about twenty Asian guys in the stands, parading backwards and forwards with an outsize Union Jack. I guess they must be British Asians, supporting their adopted country against their country of origin. It warms my heart. British multiculturalism is working no matter what commentators, rattled by the riots in France, are saying.

I'm not normally given to patriotic outbursts, but right now I'm feeling good about us. Rule Britannia- land of crumpets and curry!